Hotel Rooms - Standards

You want to receive the best services when staying at a hotel or any other place that charges for its guest room. You expect the guest room and all its areas to be clean, tidy, hygienic and functional. There are many things you have to check to ensure you are receiving the best services from the hotel. Each hotel has to maintain certain standards. You have to pay more when you expect higher standards of cleanliness, comfort and facilities. Guests are most concerned about the cleanliness of the bathroom. ceramic sink in the bathroom is easy to clean but it should have been cleaned thoroughly after the previous guest left the room.

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Things That Make a Hotel Room Bad

Finding unclean bedsheets and pillow covers can be a big problem. All linens must have been removed and the clean ones placed in their place after the previous occupant left the room. Similarly, all other parts and items in the main room as well as in the bathroom should have been cleaned thoroughly before you enter it. This is the basic cleaning level that a guest expects in any hotel. If you have booked a room in a higher star rated hotel, you expect better facilities. There should be no cobwebs in the ceiling and in hidden areas. Once you open the windows or run the air conditioner, the room should feel fresh. There should be no stains on the walls. The air conditioner filter should have been cleaned. All items that collect dust must have been cleaned. Drapes, windowpanes, furniture, chairs, desktops, dressers, tables, bed head, furniture upholstery and other items must be clean from dirt and debris. There should be no problem with the lighting fixtures, taps, sinks, water supply system, waste water exit system, doorhandle, windowpanes and other items. Hotels that fail to maintain this level of cleanliness and functionality are not up to the mark.

Are Hotel Room Expectations Too High?

Expecting basic cleanliness and tidiness is not asking for the moon. However, do not expect premium facilities in a hotel with lower star rating. You should receive the facilities and services that are advertised by the hotel and which you were promised while booking its room.

Does Cost Directly Correlate with the Quality?

Certain facilities like an attached bathroom are expected as standard in a hotel room. You can expect basic cleanliness and the services you are promised. The qualities of room maintenance, services and facilities are correlated to the money you are ready to pay. Hotels need money to pay their staff, buy the cleaning supplies, provide additional facilities, and maintain the room and hotel infrastructure. You should be ready to pay more if you expect a higher standard of room maintenance and features.

Latest Staying Trends

Some startups in recent years have introduced new ways to rent temporary staying rooms. These companies list rooms online from homeowners who want to earn an income by renting their vacant rooms. You can book a room in such a house and stay there for the duration you have booked it. It has become a very big business and allowed homeowners to earn a good income from their vacant rooms. It has opened up cheaper staying options for people who need temporary accommodation. At the same time, if you want personalised services, you have to stay in a traditional hotel room.